SNAP and ANGLE FOLD are two types of folding tables, designed and developed by Danish Steen Hansen and the company 1000Dots.

The locking mechanics is so simple, intelligent and unique that 1000Dots have patented the solution.

Steen Hansen developed the system because he noticed a shortage/lack of manageable and stabile folding tables for multifunctional spaces.

Many companies and institutions have an increasing need to be able to use the same square feet for multiple purposes.


The ambition was to design a folding table, with the same stability as a welded
table, while being mechanically simple and without crossbars.

Therefore, the biggest challenge was the locking system, which would hold the legs.

The result is a stand-alone frame, which maintains stability regardless of what type of tabletop is chosen.

The table is laid out like a bridge pier with an aluminum rail, which holds the locking mechanism and connects the table frame.

This means that the table top is supported throughout the entire length, making it able to withstand significant weight without giving in.

Both SNAP and ANGLE FOLD table tops are mounted, so they are easily
to a new or other type of surface, while keeping the frame.

The patented locking system is so simple that a single person can setup and take down the tables in a matter of minutes.

Then, the tables are stacked and stored on the specially designed trolley.

Storage space won’t be a problem either, since the tables fold down to a mere height of 7 cm, which is about half compared to other folding tables.


Skanderborg City Hall

Reception, Canteen, Open Offices, Social Hubs, Lounge,
Meeting Rooms

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