B8 – Work Smarter supply companies with furniture, interior design, service solutions and project management. 


We specialize in servicing both national and global customers and have solid experience turning the vision of the architecture into tailor-made furniture and design solutions, which combines form and functionality. 

In dialogue with the customer, our skilled team of interior architects design customized furniture solutions minding the company work processes, management and identity. 


Work Smarter is our main philosophy, which underlines everything we do. Our goal is to create intelligent solutions in both furniture, interior design and services, making it possible to work smarter. 

With more than 100 years of experience we are both consultants and sparring partners for our customers. 

We are experts in developing innovative furniture, activity-based interior design and intelligent service solutions for entire projects both big and small. 


We offer a wide selection of our self-produced office furniture. In addition, we develop specialized solutions and co-operate with a line of small and big brands in furniture. 

Also, our service department stands ready to supply our furniture solution with service spanning over repair, installation, relocation and furniture storage. 

B8 – Work Smarter covers the entire value chain from development to production, from interior design to services, supporting the entire lifespan of the product. 



We deliver everything in furniture and interior covering work desks and chairs, meeting and lounge furniture, and installations for acoustic and lighting. 

The interior and components, which we do not produce ourselves, are selected by our designers and interior architects from a variety of interesting European brands. 



Our interior architects design the spaces in close co-operation with the customer, taking into account the activities and processes of the organization. 

Activity-based interior design is our analytical way of mapping out the different work flows and needs, for which we create a layout with relevant zones for the employees. 



We support our business of furniture by supplying all kinds of service before, during and after the delivery of our interior design solutions. 

Our service products in short cover everything; from delivery and installation, to maintenance, storage and sustainable disposal. 



We offer four exstensive service solutions, which gathers our single service products in holistic total services, where we handle everything about the project. 

Each solution package is focused on a specific area of the product life cycle: Delivery & Installation, Care & Maintenance, Relocation & Storage and Reuse & Recycling.

WORK SMARTER – the core of our business

INNOVATIVE CRAFTSMANSHIP / We are proud of our tradition for furniture and innovative craftsmanship. For more than 100 years we have developed and shaped furniture uniting design, quality and functionality.
INTERIOR DESIGN / Interior design is our passion. We strive to unite aesthetic design and activity-based spaces, which strengthens the well-being and business for our customers and their employees.
INSIGHTFUL EXPERIENCE / Our many years of experience covers more than expert knowledge in furniture and project managing. We also have valuable insight in the future development concerning organization, management and administration, giving both us and our customers a head start in the market

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Space Design

Activity-based interior design is essential to all of our interior design solutions. We create interior environments by analysing employees' daily work activities and usage patterns.

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Our services

At B8 we care about every detail that concerns our product. In short, we are furniture geeks and we provide expertise and service for all of the furniture that we manufacture and distribute.

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