Annex – comfort for the office lounge

Furniture designer Michael Strøm, who also designed the characteristic Space sofa, has made a new sofa-series for B8.

Annex means to attach, append or add something. That is why this name is perfect for this series of sofas. Whether it is the low version for lounges, high version for meetings or the closed version for private conversations these are add ons to the open plan offices.

The task for the new series of lounge furniture was aimed at the challenges of the open office environment, where many employees need spaces for focused and undisturbed work.

The result is a family of sofas. Suitable for all zones in the office and with a global design.

Annex with low backrest fits well for relaxed surroundings and lounge areas inviting people to sit together. High backrest and roofed chairs or sofas create pods for meetings and focus areas or for more private conversations, telephone- and skype meetings.

Annex focuses on comfortable seating for both all situations. The seating height makes it possible to work in the sofa. Backrest cushions can work as armrest and as more practical features both backrest and seat cushion can be reupholstered or renewed.

The upholstered surfaces on the high back sofas provide an acoustic supplement for the office, which is soundproofing and reduces reverberation in the room.



About the designer:

Danish furniture designer Michael Strøm was born in 1971 and started out as a carpenter.

He graduated from The Danish Design School at the Institute for Spaces and Furniture in 2000 and started his own company in 2001, taking on assignments in both construction and design.

”To me, design is about people. I think it’s incredibly interesting, what our wishes and expectations are for the products that we buy and use every day.

I have just one overall goal when making my design: THE PRODUCT MUST BE A CUSTOMER NEED.

That is why I always start up my design process with a line of questions about the product and the user;

How can the design support the way we as humans use and work with the products? Which function is the furniture supposed to have? Is there any new knowledge or science that can expand the use of the furniture? How important is the overall design expression in relation to the interior design? Is it supposed to stand out or blend in? Which materials will best support the current and future use of the furniture?

With this baseline, I begin the drafting fase, where I gather new knowledge about materials, textiles, rules and regulations, manufacturing processes and finally do a series of mock-up models in 1:1.

In the end the furniture should consist of YOU, ME & US; Me as the designer, You as the user and Us as people.”

Design your own Annex sofa here!

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