Concentrate and focus at work
Plenty Pod by Abstracta
Create space for concentration or spontaneous meeting activities with our ‘room within a room’ solutions – pods, telephone booths, conference rooms and meeting cubes.

Create a room within a room

The open office quickly becomes a tangle of activity, where it can be difficult to find a quiet place for meetings, telephone calls and focused work. The report ‘When the Walls Come Down’ from Oxford Economics shows, among other things, that 68% of all employees rank ‘the opportunity to work undisturbed and with focus’ among their top three wishes in the workplace.

That’s why it may be a good idea to create some smaller areas for the activities that require you to be secluded or to talk more than usual. In this way, fewer disruptions are created and employees are given the opportunity to seek out the conditions in which they work best.

Concentrate & Focus

Work tasks that require concentration and where an employee will often work alone

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Learning & Meeting

From formal meetings and teaching/learning situations to informal, spontaneous meetings on the fly

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The solutions for ensuring better sound in the office can be very varied and must therefore be adapted to the needs and requirements of the individual workplace.

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Co-working Spaces

It started as office hotels, where small businesses could rent office space within a larger office community.

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