Work desks

S60 - the future of work desks
kpmg - clean desk and paperless office
Here you will find work desks of all kinds. Our in-house made work desks for the office can be tailored to your needs and are available with height-adjustable function or fixed frame.

Are your office ergonomics in order?

At B8 – Work Smarter, we specialise in making high-quality office furniture. Our designs always meet current requirements and guidelines for good ergonomics, and we stress test the construction in our own workshop. We guarantee that our products provide the best conditions for good ergonomics for office work.

Tables for every office

We offer a wide range of high-quality office tables that can be adapted to any office in size and design. All work tables are available with height-adjustable function or fixed frame. Our B8-produced office tables can also be customised in endless combinations of sizes, functions, surfaces and colours.


At B8 we believe that well-being and productivity go hand in hand.

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Furniture concept

When you choose to work with B8, you have easy access to office furniture that meets every thinkable requirement.

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