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Installation of a table

Lamp installation:

- Check that you have all the parts as shown in the video

- Start by removing the screws and metal cap

- Open the cable tray underneath the table

- Pull the cable through the socket and set in the lamp afterwards

- Place the metal cap on the screws beneath the table while another person holds the lamp in place

- Put on the screws and tighten them interchangeably until the lamp is fixed

- Assemble the power cable and adapter and place it in the power unit in the cable tray

- Check if the lamp works and close the cable tray

Computer setup (monitor, docking station & keyboard installation):

- Start by placing the monitors on the desk where you wish them to be

- Open the cable tray underneath the table

- Pull the cables through the sockets down to the cable tray

- Place the docking station by the lid for the cable tray

- Pull out the monitor cables and install them in the docking station

- Place the power cables from the monitors and docking station in the power unit

- Check if docking station and monitors work before closing cable tray

Locker and drawer

Replace or change locks:

- Put in the key and turn it a bit until a small hole appears along the round edge

- Stick in the special locking pin and pull out the locking mechanism

- The new locking mechanism is put into the hole in the same slightly tilted angle and then turned upright to lock

Replace or change drawers:

- Pull out the drawer and hold in the two locks underneath

- Push the locks backwards while holding onto the drawer

- Remove the drawer and place the new one on the rails

- Pull out the drawer locks and push the drawer all the way in until it stops clicking

Power unit and panel change

Replace power unit:

- Place the table with the tabletop turning downwards on the floor or sideways on a trolley

- Unplug all the cables from the power unit

- Unscrew the three fixing screws (old model power unit) and remove the unit

- Place the new power unit on the holding bar with one fixing screw in the middle (new model power unit)

- Connect the power cables from the legs and panel

- Plug in power and check that the legs and panel are operational

Replace control panel:

- To replace the panel, start by removing the clamps holding down the cord

- Place a flat screwdriver or similar tool on the edge between the table to break off the old control panel

- Install the new panel by removing the tape and placing it on the mark from the old panel

- Plug in power and check that the legs and panel are operational before clamping the cable to the panel underneath the table

Conference table

- Setup the two halves of the table with the one-legged half leaning on the two-legged half

- Put in the wooden ‘chips’ where the tables meet and fit the two table halves together with a slow push

- Place the gathering screws in the holes underneath the table and tighten them

- Screw in the brackets over the gathering underneath the table, along the table edge

- Fasten the middle leg to the one-legged table half with screws underneath the table

- Reset the table by plugging in the power and setting the table to its lowest position. Then release the control panel, pause for five seconds and hold it again until the table moves a bit and makes a clicking sound


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