Welcome to our selected customer cases. Here you will find inspiration within meeting rooms, canteen, open offices, focus areas, project rooms and learning.

Aller Media

Meeting rooms, Canteen, Lounge areas, Reception, Social hubs

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Handelshøyskolen BI Campus

Meeting rooms

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Skanderborg City Hall

Reception, Canteen, Open Offices, Social Hubs, Lounge,
Meeting Rooms

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Aibel Bergen

Canteen, Meeting Rooms, Open Offices, Focus Pods, Tailor made storage, Lounge area, Social Hubs, Reception

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ISS Oslo

Meeting Rooms, Learning Facilities, Open Offices, Focus Pods, Reception, Social Hubs, Canteen

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Deloitte Oslo

Reception, Canteen, Meeting Rooms, Open Offices, Focus Pods, Social Hubs, Lockers

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Jorgensen Engineering

Meeting Rooms, Open Offices, Lounge areas, Reception, Canteen

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Novo Nordisk Campus

Tailor made Work Desks and Storage

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Tjørring School

Canteen, Learning Facilities, Private Offices, Social Hub

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Grundfos Singapore

Reception, Lounge area, Private Offices, Open Offices, Meeting Rooms

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Hulgaard Law

Meeting Rooms, Open Office, Lounge areas

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Lounge areas, Meeting Rooms, Open Offices, Social Hubs, Focus Pods

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Canteen, Tailor made work desk, Focus Pods, Reception, Lounge areas, Crossing Points, Social Hubs, Meeting Rooms

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Open Offices, Canteen, Learning Facilities, Lockers, Tailor made work desk

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Siemens Vejle

Canteen, Lockers, Open Offices, Lounge areas, Social Hubs, Crossing Points

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Vestervang School, DK

Learning Facilities, Social Hubs, Canteen

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