Quality & Sustainability

We think sustainability throughout the whole lifecycle of our products – from raw materials, through the production process, to the products use and finally recycling.

We place the same demands on our suppliers, and we have a strong focus on designing long-lasting products, that will both help the environment and will be beneficial to our customers’ total costs.

A large number of our furniture solutions are module based, mobile and flexible, which means that they can be updated with new parts, be re-used or even integrated into new contexts in the future.

In addition to this, our comprehensive service concepts help to further extend the life of our products.

We offer a repair service, storage facilities and we also ensure the proper re-use, recycling and disposal of furniture. Via our IMS - Interior Management System®, we can register the individual customer’s furniture items so they can easily be surveyed and brought into play in a new way.

FSC™-certified furniture

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Our certificates

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Test of strength, stability and wear-resistance

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CSR on the agenda

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