2nd life programme

- how we give furniture a new lifetime

When we dispose of furniture it does not just end up in the trash.

Instead, it contributes to our extensive 2nd Life Programme, giving resources back to our customers for new furniture by means of reuse, resale and repurposing the interchangeable parts.

Those of the products, which are not fit for reuse, resale or refurbishment, gets donated to charitable causes.


At our factory on Bjerringbro we take back the used furniture for an evaluation on whether they are fit for reuse, refurbishing, 2nd hand sale or donation.

Then, our handymen starts to take apart the furniture, which cannot be repurposed in order to use them for spare parts and dispose of the rest in a proper manner.

In this way, the waste of resources is held to an absolute minimum – and the few parts, which cannot be repurposed is sorted and disposed of properly for recycling.